Eva's Stone House


Recent News

A committee has been formed to assure the preservation of this building. With experienced representatives from the South West Seattle Historical Society, Historic Seattle, Bennett Properties, as well as other local preservationists, a comprehensive plan is underway to secure the ownership and relocation of the structure.

West Seattle Blog

"Southwest Seattle Historical Society to meet with new owners of ‘stone house’ in hopes of moving it..."

King 5 News

"A project is underway to save a piece of West Seattle history - the beloved Stone House. KING 5's Vanessa Misciagna reports..."

How you can help...

The effort of moving a house clad in stone is great - however not impossible. We intend to work with the best structural moving company we can find and will take measures to secure the historic construction in the process. In order to get from point A to point B we will be relying on donations through fundraising. Your contributions will go directly to funding the move.




Through community support and careful planning we anticipate preserving every last stone on it's new site.

What Will Be

Today the Stone House is in disrepair - the site is secured until we can move it to it's new home.


The Stone House was built by Eva with supplies gathered on site. It is not only a landmark of Alki Beach, it is an actual piece of history.


Public Space

Community Character



Please reach out to info@evasstonehouse.com if you have any questions that we have not answered here